For how long have your company been operating on the market?
We are glad to inform all the interested commercial customers that we have been providing clients with top quality tiling services for over 10 years. The business undertaking that has been known under the name of MRS Tiling was founded by Paul Moore and Alan Rock in 2007. As of now, it gathers exceptionally experienced and enthusiastic tiling contractors that will gladly perform all kinds of tile laying-related works quickly and efficiently.


What is your area of operation?

For quite some time, we have been servicing commercial customers in London only, but we have decided that other clients interested in professional services should be offered help as well. Therefore, we have established a commercial tillers Dublin division in order to support the citizens of Ireland who are in need. Tiling contractors Dublin will gladly cover the area of your office building, utility room, or leisure space with superb quality durable tiles that you will be able to prior choose from our catalogue. If you happen to be in a dire need of a personalized service performance, do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line!


What services can I order from you?

Commercial tilers Dublin employed by our company are trained when it comes to laying tiles of customer’s choice in a designated space. However, thanks to perennial experience in the field, they do not limit themselves to covering standard office spaces with them only. We can proudly state that our tiling contractors Dublin have been engaged in commercial undertakings which have resulted in the improvement of the overall look of several metro and railway stations, governmental offices, and even – in old-fashioned castles which now serve the role of hotels, pensions, and headquarters of top notch companies.

As you can see, we are capable of facing almost every challenge and completing it successfully. It may come as a surprise to some individuals visiting our website, but the list of advantages of contracting our commercial tillers Dublin does not end here. Aside from standard tile laying, we can also help you cover your commercial space with various types of stone (we have to say that we excel in marble floors).


I would like to cover my office/shop/utility area in wood instead of tiles. Can I order such a service?

Yes, you can. We may have tiling in the name of our company, but tiling contractors Dublin employed in our firm are also excellent when it comes to preparing and attaching wooden panels which will make your space look luxurious and intriguing. We would also like to inform all the prospective customers that are initially interested in our services that commercial tillers Dublin we cooperate with are also capable of leveling the floor, as sometimes it happens that the one you have been using for quite some time now is distorted in some places and requires fixing.

Such an undertaking is highly advisable, as when certain parts of your floor are uneven, even most durable floor panels may wear off exceptionally quickly as they will be exposed to above-average tension and load they have not been designed to withstand. Leveling services can be combined with finishing works as our commercial tillers Dublin will be happy to support you in adjusting the quality of the newly refreshed floor to the rest of the space of interest.


Do you specialize in one type of commercial tiles only?

We are commercial tilers from Dublin but fortunately enough, we do not. We do our best to constantly broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge when it comes to professional commercial service performance. We are honored to say that as of now, we are able to lay floors by taking advantage of elements made out of: ceramics, porcelain, marble, terrazzo, travertine, granite, stone, glass, mosaic, and brick. Even though the list above is not the shortest one in the world, our tiling contractors Dublin to their best to constantly add new materials to it. If you are not sure if we are skillful enough to perform a given service for you, just give us a call and let us discuss the details of our prospective cooperation. Sometimes it happens that a given material is not listed on our website, but our tiling contractors Dublin have recently acquired enough experience to help you and lay a beautiful floor by taking advantage of the supplied or purchased resources.

Commercial Tilers Dublin


Where can I check out examples of your work?

We are proud to state that we have been providing services for commercial clients from all over London and Dublin. Therefore, you can check the quality of tile-oriented works while visiting such places as Warren Farm, Alma Tavern, or Queens Road Primary School. The first object was the most demanding one as the useful floor space to cover with tiles there was simply enormous. However, we have managed to finally accomplish the project, which was divided into three consecutive stages (preparatory, tiling proper, and finishing one).

When it comes to the Alma Tavern, we were asked to rework bedroom, dining, and function rooms in order to give them a new, more modern glam. In the school in question, the major point of focus was safety, so materials that would not only not be slippery, but also characterized by a remarkable longevity were to be used. According to our customers, all of the aforementioned works were performed with utmost diligence and punctuality. If you would like to be presented with more pieces on information on the projects realized by our company to date, please contact us and ask about a comprehensive description of what works have been executed, and – what may be even more important for you – what has the total cost of the undertaking in question been. We will be glad to answer all your questions and dispel possible doubts.

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