Have you been providing tiling Dublin services for commercial clients only?
No, we have also been servicing residential customers. Our tilers Dublin are equally skilled in the performance of both non-demanding and complex house, storage, and outside area-related works. They will be more than glad to help you with laying tiles in your bedroom, bathroom, shower, and wet room. Tiling Dublin is not only their profession, but also their true calling, so they will be more than enthusiastic to execute personalized and remarkably unusual undertakings for you. We can, for example, support you with regard to raised access flooring. Tillers in Dublin are not professionals that are strictly limited in their scope of operation, so they will gladly take a break from their usual commercial project to focus on the improvement of the look of your house or storage area.


My bathroom looks terrifyingly bad. Can you do something about it?

Yes, we certainly can. It turns out that in the majority of cases, there is no need to replace all the elements and equipment of the room in order to make it look nicer and more aesthetic. After many years of usage, floors and walls are the most worn out and unpleasantly looking components of many bathrooms. Hence, we would like to interest you in bathroom tiling. Our tillers Dublin have been obtaining experience while providing services for most recognizable customers in the country, so they will undoubtedly be capable of meeting your needs and expectations while at the same time offering you reasonable, competitive price for your order execution. Thanks to cooperation with our tillers in Dublin, you are not limited to ready-made, unappealing, and plain tiles that are frequently offered by other companies operating in the same branch of industry. With us, tiling Dublin can be a real adventure, as we will advise you as to what to replace your current wall or floor covering with. Please, do not be surprised when ceramics, glass, or stone will be enumerated among other materials that we are capable of processing and adjusting to your personal requirements!


I look for unusual shower tiling ideas…can you help me?
Our tilers Dublin will easily find a solution for you. You may opt for a typical way out, namely – ready-made tiles that are available in almost every store and can be purchased, delivered, and attached within several hours. However, our tillers in London are fully aware that the needs of customers placing an order in our company can vary tremendously. Therefore, they will provide you with a myriad of other options and solutions, as well as will advise you as to what is currently in and what tiling techniques or styles should be avoided. For example, if you plan on decorating your entire bathroom in a modern, refreshing style, you should go for glass finishing of your shower. It will add some glam to the entire room and astonish not only all the members of your family, but also – guests staying in your house, who have to use your shower for refreshment. On the other hand, you may also take advantage of vintage, trusted, and well-tested solutions, among which stone and ceramics have to be enumerated. Tiling Dublin is not only about uniqueness, but about a proper combination of all the elements of a given space in order to create the sense of architectural integrity and not to disturb a part of the room with design-related solutions that are not fitting for it. Our tillers Dublin are not only skillful workers, but also sensitive individuals with a remarkable aesthetic taste. They will not be afraid to tell you that a given material to be utilized while performing the shower tiling-related procedure may ruin the entire look of the space in question. They will obviously not insist on choosing their solution, but will give you a perspective of what is all-the-rage, and what will be considered old-fashioned as quick as several months after works completion.


Are external tiling services for residential customers also provided?

Tilers in Dublin sometimes refuse to be involved in external tiling, as they do know that such an undertaking is a bit of a challenge, as the utilized material has to be strongly attached and insulated to stay in place for several years if not decades regardless of severe and frequently unfavorable weather conditions. We can ensure you that our tillers Dublin have the required background and skills to provide you with the discussed service and that you will be more than satisfied with the ultimate outcome of their works. Tiling Dublin is specific in nature, mainly due to high humidity of the area and harsh winters. Therefore, we offer our customers only most reliable and durable materials to cover the external walls of their housing or storage units with. We opt for stone, ceramic tiles, and bricks, but if you feel brave enough, you may also cover your house with wood. If there are no contraindication, we will proceed to work execution as soon as possible. If you want to know more about other skills of our tillers Dublin, please give us a call. Our representatives will advise you as to what can be done and what services are not provided currently.


What other services can you offer me?

You may be surprised, but our range of operation is not limited to laying standard tiles or covering internal and external walls of houses with basic materials. We consider ourselves to be true craftsmen, so tilers employed in our company will also offer you such works as: wet room tiling, natural stone laying, timber floor preparation and attachment, vinyl floor laying, as well as raised access flooring execution. All of the services have been performed by our tillers in Dublin – the majority of them have been executed for large-scale firms and organizations and have been completed successfully. Therefore, we are certain that our experts are capable of performing them in a similar fashion in housing units of all types.

Tiling in Dublin

Tiling Dublin is all about finding suitable materials, processing them in a manner allowing for their tight attachment, and sticking them to the chosen surface by means of utilizing top class glues and resins. What is more, we would like to inform you that we are actively engaged in the qualification improvement program, meaning that our tillers Dublin will eagerly accept unusual and notably personalized projects in order to expand their field of expertise and be able to learn about more unique applications of tiles, glass, ceramics, and wood. If a one-of-a-kind project is entrusted us, we will create a comprehensive plan of its execution and present you with the most reasonable quotation possible. We are certain that it will overshadow our competition and you will have no reason not to choose us! Feel free to contact us at any time – we will dispel all your doubts!

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