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mosaic tilers London

Transforming Spaces with Mosaic Tiling

As we put the finishing touches on our latest project, we're thrilled to unveil a floor that's nothing short of a work of art. Mosaic tiling has transformed this space into a stunning display of...

victorian floor tiling London

Victorian Floor Tiling in Hallway

Step back in time and experience the timeless beauty of victorian floor tiling with MRS Tiling. In our recent project, we had the privilege of reviving the elegance of victorian design in a modern...

paving London

Paving Installation Project in London

At MRS, we take pride in our role as expert installers, bringing our clients' visions to life with precision and craftsmanship. Recently, we had the opportunity to contribute to an exciting paving...

victorian tiling London

Adding Victorian Elegance to Your Porch

At MRS Tiling, we recently had the pleasure of undertaking a small yet impactful project to enhance a porch with Victorian-inspired tiling. Despite its modest size, this project allowed us to...

bathroom tiling in Hyde Park Gardens

Bathroom tiling in Hyde Park Gardens

We're thrilled to share the success of our latest project - a remarkable transformation of lavishly designed bathrooms in the heart of London. At MRS Tiling, our passion for impeccable...

bathroom tiling in London

Bathroom tiling project in Knightsbridge London

In a prestigious Knightsbridge residence, we recently completed an exceptional project that showcases our expertise in creating stunning and functional spaces. The project primarily focused...

bathroom tiling

Beautiful Bathroom Tiling High Street Kensington

Experience the beauty of our recent project in High Street Kensington, where MRS Tiling has carefully crafted stunning bathroom tiling designs that add a touch of luxury and style. Join us as we...

bathroom tiling London

Wall and floor tiling in Salisbury Square

We have recently completed a project in Salisbury Square which consisted of wall and floor tiling to 25 flats.
The project was carried out by our team of qualified and experienced floor tiling...

marble tiling London

The Victoria and Albert Museum entrance hall tiling

The second phase of carrying out tiling project in Victoria and Albert Museum in London required from us replacing part of the marble floor at entrance. The principle was to match new marble size...

wall tiling in Victoria and Albert Museum

Tiling in Victoria and Albert Museum

MRS Tiling has recently carried out works in one of the iconic museums in London. Project involved wall and floor tiling to washrooms and we have fitted marble floor at entrance to the museum. Each...

floor tiling London

Why choose our floor tiling London services

Expertise and reputation in tiling

There are many benefits to hiring a professional tiling company in London such as MRS Tiling Contractors as we have expertise in the field and can offer...

Bricks paving installation completed in London

Bricks paving installation completed in London

We have completed a paving installation project for a private client in London. The project consisted of brick paving installation, giving the pavement a very attractive and elegant...

wet room tiling London

Wet room tiling London

Wet room 300x600 with under floor heating

tilers London

Tower of London

Starting phase 2 of ladies toilet in brick tower 13/03/15 we carried out phase 1 last year 

marble floor tiling London

Marble floor tiling

At MRS Tiling, we believe that flooring is more than just a surface; it's a canvas for creating exquisite spaces that exude luxury and sophistication. In our latest project, we had the privilege of...